About DBT

Dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) is a type of cognitive behavioural therapy that aims to assist people to live in the moment, regulate emotions, cope with stress and have healthier relationships with others. 

About Distress Tolerance

This course focuses on developing skills to cope in a crisis, to tolerate painful, unpleasant and uncomfortable emotions, and manage urges to engage in harmful behaviours. This module teaches the skills for increasing our options to effectively manage and/or accept the difficult situations which life presents to us.

How the course is structured?

This online DBT course teaches specific skills across the core learning modules. There is a strong focus on practising new behaviours and skills while engaging in DBT treatment as a way to gain relief and experience positive change. 

This online DBT course provides you with the content that would be covered in face to face DBT skills training groups and workshops. A comprehensive DBT treatment program would also involve sessions with an individual therapist. The skills you will learn in this online course are highly effective, in fact, it is the DBT skills modules that have been shown to be the most effective part of DBT. This online course is not indented to replace a full DBT treatment program. If you require additional support, please organise a DBT therapist to assist you alongside the skills you are obtaining from this course. 

Course Contents

This is a nine week online program made up of the following modules:

  1. Welcome and Introduction to DBT
  2. Introduction to Distress Tolerance
  3. Introduction to Mindfulness
  4. TIP Skills
  5. The DISTRACT Skills
  6. The IMPROVE Skills
  7. The Self-Soothe Skills
  8. The Radical Acceptance Skills
  9. Mindfulness of Current Thoughts

Each of these skill builder modules will be made up of multimedia materials including video, readings, interactive worksheets and quizzes. They are broken down into:

  • Tune In - We will start each module with a Mindfulness exercise and self-reflection on the learning objective 
  • Learn - Introducing each skill builder with a short video and other materials to increase your knowledge
  • Skill Up - Putting the skills you’ve learnt into practice for active learning
  • Practice - Reflect on and apply the skills you have learnt
  • Connect - Provide comments on the moderated community forum to offer up your learnings and learn from others
  • Learn - Skill summary and extra resources are provided to further consolidate learning

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